Steven BeatzfordaStreetz

The     Group

History & Beyond

A Sound Base

After years of working as an independent Mobile DJs, Beatmakers, and Lyricists part-time. They have begun to build a small fan base with smooth performances and rhythmic beats. Now they are joining forces to combine the best in old school, new school, and current music with beats that make you want to get up and dance.

DJ B.I.R.D., Lyrical Herb, Fokus and Steven BeatzfordaStreetz Payton grew up in SW Atlanta, Georgia as cousins, but were raised like brothers. The sons of twin sisters they are all passionate about music.  Through a tragedy in the early 2000's Steven lost a brother and Brian, Herb, and Fokus lost a cousin when Devin Payton was killed.  Devin shared the same passion for music as an aspiring rapper and the collaborations of this group are dedicated to his memory.

          Lyrical Herb